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Mr Waseem Bhat - Leeds mum of four has successful tummy tuck surgery

16th April 2024

Leeds mum of four has successful tummy tuck surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital

Like millions of women, Danielle, 34, carried the legacy of several pregnancies with slack stomach muscles and loss of elasticity of skin.

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Mr Waseem Bhat - Skin ageing

8th April 2024

Skin ageing: Mr Waseem Bhat helps you understand the journey of your outer layer

The ageing process is a natural and inevitable part of life, and our skin reflects this journey in various ways.

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Mr Waseem Bhat - Breast procedures recovery-Blog

20th March 2024

Understanding downtime after breast procedures: avital component of recovery

Undergoing a breast procedure, whether it's augmentation, reduction, or reconstruction, can be a significant decision for many individuals.

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Mr Waseem Bhat - Body Contouring

7th March 2024

Mr Waseem Bhat unveils the gendered landscape of body contouring trends.

In the ever-evolving realm of aesthetic procedures, body contouring stands out as a transformative tool for individuals striving to sculpt their physique.

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