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Cysts are sac-like structures that can form beneath the skin, containing fluid, air, or other substances. They can develop in various tissues and organs, and their causes range from genetic factors to infections or blockages in ducts. Epidermoid cysts, for example, form when skin cells move deeper into the skin and multiply, while sebaceous cysts result from blocked sebaceous (sweat) glands.

The impact of this condition on appearance varies depending on factors such as size, location, and whether they become infected. Small, asymptomatic cysts may go unnoticed, while larger ones can be palpable under the skin. Infected cysts often present with redness, tenderness, and sometimes discharge.

Facial cysts, especially when large or inflamed, can influence self-esteem and cause psychological distress. Additionally, in visible areas may be aesthetically bothersome, especially if they rub on clothing or are at risk of catching on jewellery.

Examination by a doctor or another healthcare professional is crucial for accurate diagnosis and management. In some cases, they can resolve on their own, but medical attention is often required to rule out any complications. Preventive measures such as good hygiene practices can reduce the risk of certain types of cysts. Understanding and seeking timely medical advice can help mitigate their impact on both appearance and overall well-being. This can be done by consulting with Mr Waseem Bhat, an experienced consultant cosmetic surgeon.

Treatment options typically include drainage or corticosteroid injections. However, for particularly persistent or symptomatic cysts, minor surgery may be required. Mr Waseem Bhat uses excision techniques to remove, involving an incision made over or around the lump to ensure it is removed with the sac wall intact. Minor surgery will help to restore a smooth surface to the skin. A fine line scar may be left behind, which will fade over time. This procedure ensures that it is permanently removed, however, it does not guarantee a cyst will not develop in the future.

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