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Lumps & Lesion Removal

Lumps and lesion removal procedures involve the surgical extraction of abnormal growths or skin irregularities, such as: cysts, lipomas, moles, skin tags and warts. This procedure is typically performed for diagnostic, cosmetic, or health-related reasons. If you’re affected by a noticeable lump or lesion, you may experience a degree of self-consciousness, as well as the possibility of the lesion catching on clothes or jewellery.

The surgical process begins with a thorough examination and discussion between yourself and Mr Waseem Bhat. This session will establish your reasons for surgery, and whether further treatment is needed. Before the procedure a local anaesthetic is administered for comfort. Mr Bhat then carefully excises the lesion or lump using precise techniques, depending on the type of lesion. This may include: surgical excision (removing the necessary skin and tissues with a scalpel), cryotherapy (freezing), curettage (heating), shave excision (scraping the unwanted tissues from the skin’s surface) or laser.  Whichever technique is used, Mr Bhat will ensure minimal scarring and aims to preserve surrounding healthy tissue. Depending on the size, depth, and location of the growth, sutures or skin closure techniques may be employed.

Post-surgery, you may experience mild discomfort, swelling, or temporary bruising in the treated area. Pain medication helps manage any discomfort, and proper wound care instructions aid in healing. You will be advised to keep the area clean and avoid excessive movement or irritation. Regular follow-ups ensure proper healing and address any concerns, including suture removal if necessary.

Choosing a qualified healthcare professional ensures optimal outcomes, minimising risks and complications. Adhering to postoperative instructions and attending follow-up appointments are essential for successful healing and minimising scarring, promoting a smooth recovery and satisfactory aesthetic results.

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Lumps & Lesion Removal

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Lumps and lesion removal procedures are crucial for diagnosis, alleviating discomfort, or addressing cosmetic concerns. A lump or lesion can affect anyone of any age, and may appear in a variety of forms, including: lipomas, skin tags, warts, moles and cysts.

Lumps and lesions can appear for a number of reasons. It’s important for your health and well-being to get these irregularities checked by a doctor, or other medical professional. The procedure is safe and effective and further testing can establish if on-going treatment is required.

Whichever technique is used to remove your lump or lesion, it’s likely that it will cause some minor discomfort. Mr Bhat will use a local anaesthetic to perform the procedure, and a course of pain relief will be advised for the following days,

You may need to keep the treated area dry for 2 or 3 days. You may be able to gently wash the area after a couple of days when the dressing has been removed. However, you will need to ensure the area is patted dry with a soft towel to avoid disturbing the wound.

The skin’s surface will be smoother and more evenly toned, once the lump or lesion has been removed and has healed sufficiently. There may be some minor scarring which will fade over time.


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